Geovane Fedrecheski

March 21, 1993   

I was born in a very small town in the south of Brazil. Virmond had only about 5 thousand people, most of which, including me, lived in the country. My parents used to make a living from agriculture, but since the beginning I was fascinated by computers. Forget corn and beans, I wanted to understand the magic behind computers.

When time to go to college arrived (2010), despite my mother’s worries that she would miss me, I already knew what I wanted. A course on computers that would enable me to go out and explore the world. When it started, though, I was only 16, and I was scared, really scared. One day I even told my dad, “I’m not sure I’m gonna make it”, just to hear “You are already there, to give up is not an option”. I am really glad he said that! I graudated in the beginning of 2014, at the West Central State University (UNICENTRO), at the city of Guarapuava.

Just after that, I got a job as Trainee at LG Electronics. The office was in São Paulo, the country’s biggest city. Big city, global company, a total new experience. I solidified and learned many technical skills, and understood what it was like to work in an team of industry experts.

The time to change came in less than two years, and I went to University of São Paulo (USP) to work as researcher and to pursue a masters degree, so that, in the future, I could become a college professor – I really like to teach and help people! It’s being a great opportunity. I’m learning a lot: technical stuff, how to conduct a good research, how to be a better teacher, how to mentor students, the list goes on!

Some choices that made my life the better:

  • In 2015 I started practicing Kung Fu - my body is healthier, so is my mind.
  • In 2016 I started doing theater classes - crucial for balancing (social) life with a totally different activity than my technical work.

The project I’m most proud of:

  • In 2017, I’ve helped to build CodeIoT, a free platform with courses teaching about the Internet of Things (my research topic).

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